Does visualization or visual boards work for you?

And what did you put on your vision board or what did you visualize that came true?

One day, I was feeling very depressed because my life did not seem to be going the way I wanted it to. So I pulled out my paints and painted my life the way I wanted it to be.

I painted a wheel with rainbow sections twirling toward the center, and taped magazine pictures of what I wanted on the various sections of the wheel (of life). So far, the only part of what I asked for that has come to me was a true love, and a college degree.

But in making my life wheel, I have learned that I do have power over my own life, as does everyone else. Using visualization as a tool to make that power concrete and put our wishes down on paper conveys what we want either to our subconscious or the greater power (whichever we believe in.) It's good stuff, good for the mind and spirit.

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